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What is a Motoriety AUTObiography?

We want to redefine the term 'Full Service History' since its rarely, if ever actually true!  How can something be "full" when it omits loads of important and valuable information?  Actually, what the term solely refers to is the series of service stamps in your service book - but not all the other work and maintenance, or enhancements and up-keep that you undertake whilst owning your car. Plus, that information it 'out there' sat redundant on various companies' databases never to see the light of day again.
Seemed mad to us. 

So whilst its estimated that a (current) 'Full Service History' can increase the value of a car by as much as 26%; and with the average second-hand car being worth £5,500, that makes the so-called 'Full Service History' worth up to £1,500*; just imagine how much more value you can add to your motor by ensuring that all works of all kinds, are recorded and securely stored. And better still: digitally.

So our mission is to redefine this term 'Full Service History' into something that is a truly comprehensive representation of all the work done to your motor over its lifecycle - as if your car could tell you itself. So that's why we've called it your Motoriety AUTObiography.

We just thought it made sense. We hope you do too.

*ICM research

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