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What if I take my car to a garage that's not part of Motoriety?

If you've chosen to take your car to a garage that's not currently registered and active to Motoriety i.e. you didn't book via our site, but you still want to get the works they complete on your vehicle digitally verified to your Motoriety account, here's what we suggest:

Firstly, we'd really like that garage to join-in - and the best endorsement comes from motorists like you. So do suggest to the garage that they sign-up (they can find out all the answers to any questions they might have on the site), and it’s totally free for them, so they've got nothing to lose, and everything to gain - including being helpful to you.

Secondly, you can let us know the garage's details and we can contact them to encourage them to join-in.

Finally, failing that, you can always upload a copy of the receipt for the works they have completed to your Motoriety account via your smart phone and that will be added to your AUTObiography.

(You don't need an actual scanner, just use your smart phone to take a picture of a document or get a snazzy free scan app for your phone and use that)

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