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Will a garage refuse to digitally verify the works to my account if I write a negative review?

No. They can't.

For 2 reasons:

Firstly, as a key part of the terms and conditions of accepting your booking via our site, the garage agrees to digitally verify works to your Motoriety account.

The garage digitally verifies the works completed on your vehicle before you are required to rate and review them. We then hold that verified information until you complete the rating and review process (regardless of whether it’s positive or negative). So as soon as you've reviewed the garage, we'll credit the verified works to your Motoriety AUTObiography.

We created this unique process to ensure that we can honour the promise that you will receive digitally verified work to your account; and simultaneously ensure that the garage receives a real customer review in return.  2-way street.

We do give the garage the opportunity to respond to your review. So if there are any issues and your review is not a favourable one, its only fair to give them the opportunity to address your concerns with a view to resolving the issue and making you happy with the outcome. After all, their aim is to deliver you a great service and customer experience, so if on the odd occasion if they fall short, they will really want to make sure they can deal with the issue and turn your negative view into a mutually positive result.


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