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What are the benefits of registering with Motoriety?

Where do we start?

Our aim is to take all the hassle and uncertainty out of owning and maintaining your motor.  So all the features of Motoriety have been created with you, the motorist, in mind (its actually why we founded the business because we experienced a series of painful and expensive car-related chaos).

The benefits in plain English:

  1. We automate all the admin: reminders for all your legal and maintenance obligations: Servicing, MOT, Insurance, Tax, Breakdown Cover – with dedicated offers that relate to your particular motor, where you live, when you need it.  No pointless marketing.
  2. We can reunite you with lost and forgotten service history for your motor to help you build a more comprehensive and valuable record.
  3. Find and book-in at a reputable garage in your area - read reviews and ratings by other motorists like you
  4. Store and manage all your key documents, securely – so you never lose important paperwork again. Upload existing paperwork, receipts and documents to your account. All safely in one place.
  5. Generate and maintain a digital service history - get all works done to your vehicle digitally verified by the garage back to your Motoriety account. So you’ll generate a true ‘full service history’ – one that details every bit of work from a new tyre to a major service and everything in between; one we’re calling a Motoriety AUTObiography. Genius.

So it’s simple: We save you time, save you money, and add real value to your motor.
What's not to love?

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