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How does Motoriety work?

Its quite simple. We automate all the admin for you.

Once you've registered with Motoriety, we will remind you whenever anything is due on your motor:

MOT, Servicing, Insurance, Tax, Breakdown Cover - you name it.

You'll receive an email reminder from us with tailored offers that are specific to where you live, what your drive, what's required, exactly when you need it.

Save time, save money. Add value.

Then, whenever you book-in with a garage via Motoriety, they will digitally verify the work completed on your motor back to your Motoriety account - so you can build a valuable digital service history (your Motoriety AUTObiography).

We ask you to rate and review the garage to help other motorists like you find the best garages in their area, and also help the garage build their reputation.

All you need to do is make sure your account info is up-to-date so that we can deliver you the best possible service.

So go on, bring your motor management into the current century by storing and managing everything within one secure online space.


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