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What is Motoriety?

At Motoriety, we want to make owning and running a motor a Motoriously good experience, not a notoriously bad one.

Motoriety is the only website where motorists manage all aspects of ownership, admin and maintenance in one secure on-line space. 
So whenever anything is due on your motor, we'll remind you and provide tailored offers from local garages to immediately book-in. 

And here's how:

  • We automate all the admin: get reminders for all your legal and maintenance obligations: Servicing, MOT, Insurance, Tax, Breakdown Cover – with dedicated offers that relate to your particular motor, where you live, when you need it.
  • We can reunite you with lost and forgotten service history for your motor – helpful and valuable
  • Locate and book-in at a trustworthy garage in your area - rated by other motorists like you
  • Store and manage all your key documents, securely – so you never lose important paperwork again
  • Generate and create a digital service history - get all works done to your vehicle digitally verified by the garage back to your Motoriety account. Genius.

Plus its completely secure and totally free.

The bonus:

You’ll generate a true ‘full service history’ – one that details every bit of work from a new tyre to a major service and everything in between; one that is digitally verified by the garage and automatically updated to your Motoriety account; one we’re calling a Motoriety AUTObiography. 

So its simple:

We save you time, save you money, and add real value to your motor. Making it more rewarding to be a motorist.

 Welcome to Motoriety – your vehicle’s AUTObiography

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